After being prompted by various people, I am inviting everyone who enjoyed Millenniyule 2020 to give a little something in return for it. Incidentally, the streams are all elsewhere now, and linked from here:

The best way to support me is:

The other ways are all listed here:

All of my crypto addresses are listed here:
BTC: bc1q0z3mcv3sct6m6p3sj9hewlqkf2m4er6nyevzg5
ETH: 0xA2A1b54eB817425f26e143271AeFE4191645ffdE
LTC: ltc1qhl6pffq2ard42m3equ434fvqfnd9ma4g3qjp8t
XMR: 45x4SAf1EaNDBYJ53ZhfcVM4VU2ojQwV1EgvwzAUQ7S7dGpCpeVpwgggZut7qfUMEuAXXbg3UvFTVcqwSzYVPDvh4h5rYZU

Thank you.

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