A tour of various tricks that leftists use in debate.

I originally thought this video was a misfire,but upon re-watching I think it is good enough to be uploaded. It is based on an essay I wrote in 2012, which can be found here: http://forum.theodoredalrymple.org/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=2356

2:15 ‘Twas ever thus
4:50 Insistence that the Left is the underdog
8:00 Excessive logic
10:25 Denial of a trivial thing in order to deny a serious thing
12:45 The appeal to authority
18:20 Denial of evidence
19:00 Denial of common sense
20:50 Demanding impossible evidence
21:50 Feigning offence
22:30 Denial of significance
23:20 Relativism
25:10 Flattery of the victim
29:40 Guilt
32:50 Fascination with “the Other”
36:30 Denial of “the Golden Age”
39:50 Refusal to recognise subtleties of argument
41:50 Safety in numbers / humiliation
46:00 Godwin’s Law
46:20 Conclusion

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.] [This project is my livelihood. Please see http://www.millennialwoes.com/donate. Thank you.]


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